Fix-a-Form boss treks across Madagascar

Fix-a-Form trek Madagascar

Fix-a-Form International's managing director Andrew Denny recently accompanied a team of students from King Edward VI School on a trek across Madagascar. The four week event took place over the summer holidays and the students were required to make their own travel, food & accommodation arrangements once in the country.

Whilst trekking through the rainforest, they had the pleasure of seeing an array of unique wildlife including rare birds and lemur. The group stopped at a village along the way to help out on a building project to renovation ground for a new school.

Andrew commented: "It's great exposure for the school children to experience just how diverse life can be for people in countries like this. We met a lot of people along the way and it was inspiring to see their willingness to roll their sleeves up and work on projects, often with fairly limited resources."

Fix-a-Form International is (part of the Denny Bros Group) a family-owned Suffolk based enterprise operating via a global network of specialist printing suppliers. As an extension of their international trade development and part of their on-going corporate social responsibility scheme, the company remains committed to providing support to communities in developing countries.